This site is set up for DS's and EX-DS's to use to find old shipmates either from "A" school class number and/or alphabetical listing. All are welcome to look for an old DS buddy but only DS's will be allowed to register here. Please begin by e-mailing me with your name and "A" school class number if you are not already in the list. I will break it up into 1970's, 80's etc. for ease of tracking. I had one of our shipmates offer to send in a scan of his class photo, which I think is a good idea so if you'd like (and have one)  attach it to an e-mail and send it to me.

23 May Notice

Put in a lost e-mail section in the DS Locator and I've linked the names from the list to that page. 

15 May Notice (rev 1)

Going through some mail I've been sent over the past month or two and need to say some things.

1. If you know your e-mail address is going to change in the near future please try to remember to send me an updated one so you can be reached from here. I really hate having to green over your names in the list! (I recommend a hotmail account. I have one at

2. It seems I'm getting more and more mail from people who want to know if I can help them find their dad, brother, uncle because he was in the Navy. I'll say this as gently as I can but usually the answer is no I can't. This board is really set up so that DS's (which is a really small community in the Navy) can have a place to find each other. I have no resources available to me that you who are searching do not also have. I'll put links in real soon to places like Bupers locator and/or Yahoo people search but that is it. I really wish all of you who are searching for that long-lost relative the best of luck in your efforts but  that is about the best I can do for you.

04 Apr Notice

Changed the policy on classmate entries. They will only be listed under the class listing and not the alphabetical listing. I also request that when you send in your info, please let me know how you found the site as I'm trying to find out if my entries onto the search engines are having any luck.

A special congratulations to all of the FY00 Chief Petty Officers, especially the ones I knew. If you happen to know these people, send 'em this way because I'd love to hear from them.

ETC Eric Labaczewski (from my "C" school class)

Found ---> ITC(SW/AW) Lois Salinas (my UNIX/Banyan mentor / ISD wasn't the same without you!)